Color Shown: Alabaster
Insert Plug into Tube
& Slide Fabric Onto Electrical Cord!
Professional Packaging Design with "Product View Window" on front and larger window on back so customers can see Color & Fabric

Machine Wash on Delicate & Lay Flat to Dry

(Instructions on back of package)
 Quality for LESS!


  • Easy to Apply 

  • Shorten Cords without Rewiring

  • Quality Construction

  • Offered in 4 Popular Colors

  • Self-Display Packing

Self-Display Packaging
Lamp Cord Cover 
on the Tube
 1 Cover Will 
Cover Up to 
2 Cords

9 ft L x 2 in W
Cover Ease Decorative Cord Covers utilizes the PATENTED Lamp Cord Cover on the Tube design making it the Easiest applying lamp cord cover on the market GUARANTEED!  

Have a cord that is too long?  No problem, you can even Shorten a cord quickly & easily without having to rewire the fixture using our PATENTED application!   (Instructions on back of package)

Our designer cord covers can easily be cut to shorter lengths & scrunched to accomodate shorter chains & cords.
(Instructions on back of package)

We took a 6ft extension cord & shortened it to 2 ft within minutes
One cover will easily accomodate a 6 ft cord.  Longer than 6 ft?  

Use 2 cord covers to conceal your cords!  
Cover Ease cord covers are designed to be 
combined & gather together easily to create the appearance of 1 solid cover

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